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USLIN®Recombinant human insulin
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Quality assurance, key test index for registration standard higher than Chinese Pharmacopoeia requirement; comparative study results of all-around clinical test for over 800 cases indicate: product quality is as good as the original product quality

USLIN by your side all the wayPerfect rh-insulin solution, effective for diabetes treatment
Made by United Lab, guarantee of confidence
Applicable to diabetes treatment, advanced DNA recombinant technology, highly-purified insulin, less impurities contained, reliable quality.
  • 优秀产品奖证书(胰岛素产品)
  • 重组人胰岛素---广东省科学技术二等奖
  • 重组人胰岛素---中山市科技进步一等奖
Over eight years of dedication, independent research
The Ministry of Finance Special granted the fund for protide biological medicine and vaccine development in 2012