United Lab injection pen


    Steps of use:

Get the insulin pen syringe out of the box and remove the cap;

Remove the cartridge holder from the pen body;


Make sure the screw is in the body. If it sticks out, push it back into the body;

Load a new cartridge to the holder and direct the metal cap ahead. Do not touch the package’s rubber pad with your hand, and check the cartridge’s integrity before the loading (exterior crack, expiration date and dose type);

Apply some degree of strength to rotate the body so that it gets locked to the thread and holder;

If suspension insulin is used, you need to follow the instructions and rock the injection pen gently up and down for over 10 times until the insulin becomes evenly mixed and white;

Use an alcohol pad to rub the metal cap-wrapped rubber pad and tear off the sealing swab on the outer needle guard;

Screwed the needle onto the cartridge holder;

Remove the outer and inner needle guards;

Preparation before injection: adjust two units of dosage;

Strike the cartridge, direct the needle downwards and give a few taps to the cartridge with your finger to bring the bubble to the cartridge head so that it can be removed easily;

Gas discharge before injection. Press the injection button. Liquid outflow indicates bubble is discharged and injection could be started;

Adjust the dosage to the level you require. As the picture shows, taking 18 units as an example, turn the dosage knob clockwise to select the dosage you need. If the dosage is too much, you may turn the knob anticlockwise to correct it;

Inject a proper amount of dosage. Use alcohol pad to rub the skin receiving the injection, insert the needle under the skin, put your thumb on the injection button first, and then slowly press it until the dosage window shows “0”. Keep pressing for 10s and pull the needle out;

After the injection is done, put the outer guard on, screw it off and throw the needle away;

Put back the cap, use a piece of clean, wet cloth to rub the dirty part and put it into the protection box.

        Video guide