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TUL Amoxicillin capsule passed Chinese Consistency Evaluation

Date:Date:2018-08-27    Browse:3591

Recently, amoxicillin capsule (0.25g) produced by TUL was approved by China Food and Drug Administration, passed the consistency of quality and efficacy evaluation for generic drugs (the “Consistency Evaluation”).


In March 2016, the general office of the state council issued the implementation of generic’s opinions on quality and curative effect evaluation consistency about [2016] no. 8. TUL actively response, and constantly promote generics consistency evaluation work, and stand out from the fierce competition.中国binance官网.webp

Amoxicillin capsules as one of the TUL famous products, its quality conforms to the United States and the European pharmacopoeia standards. Since 1996, its quality and curative effect was got from the patient's trust. Through this successful consistency evaluation, it shows that our product Amoxicillin on the quality and curative effect of medicine is identical with the original drug, not only safeguard the safety and efficacy of the drugs, but also will realize the original drug clinical alternative. Through consistency evaluation, the product Amoxicillin can be used in the drug instructions, labels.