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GDAS delegation visits United Lab

Date:Date:2017-12-26    Browse:3411


After Shen Zhulin, deputy director of NDRC High-tech Industry Division together with his fellows paid a visit on July 5, a 13-member delegation led by Liao Bing, Party Committee Secretary of Guangdong Academy of Science (GDAS) also visited our company on July 10. The chairman Cai Haishan and Dou Zhenguo, factory director of Zhuhai United Lab received the delegation zealously and carried out an in-depth discussion.


During the discussion, Secretary Liao expressed his thanks to Zhuhai United Lab’s warm reception, and affirmatively approved the company’s fast progress, especially that in bio-pharmacy. He said, United Lab has grown into a leading enterprise in Guangdong’s pharmaceutical industry. As a supporting servicer that provides robust backup to corporate innovation, GDAS is happy to work with United Lab on biological research and strategic cooperation, so as to achieve biopharmaceutical advancement and development.


Chairman Cai introduced the company’s basic profile, history, biological insulin research and future blueprint. According to Cai, United Lab as an emerging enterprise is always on the move to seek a partner and make longer-term agenda in its development strategy; the company is more than happy to reach an agreement with GDAS on strengthening the academy-enterprise cooperation and increasing the corporate innovation capability.


微信图片_20170712203535.webpDirector Dou added a detailed description of the research and production of rh-insulin and insulin glargine and introduced the insulin degludec and insulin detemir, which are being developed. Both parties also conducted an in-depth discussion regarding a closer, deeper partnership and exchange.

This investigation has enabled GDAS to develop a more thorough understanding about our company. Both parties have confirmed their intention of further cooperation, which lays a solid foundation for future longstanding partnership.