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United Lab launches a campaign to care for orphaned/disabled children

Date:Date:2017-12-26    Browse:4320


United Lab launched a campaign to care for orphaned/disabled children themed on “United Lab, United Love for Children”, calling for its employees to make financial or material donations for children in Zhuhai Social Welfare Center.


In this campaign, employees from United Lab (China) Co., Ltd., Zhuhai United Lab, Zhuhai Trading Company, United Lab Zhongshan and China Sales Headquarter have taken actions to show their love for these children by donating life supplies including household appliances and daily necessaries worth RMB 30,000 yuan in total.

A visiting delegation made up of special personnel from United Lab-controlled organizations came to Zhuhai Social Welfare Center on May 25, 2017, delivering the company’s love to the children. According to Zhu, the Center’s president, those orphaned or disabled children are under great pressure and need more love and care. This is the biggest donation from United Lab in recent years, and donations are diversified and practical. The Center is very thankful for United Lab’s love for the children, and hopes that there would be more kind-hearted people in future to join the group for children charity.



To care for the orphaned or disabled children is a virtue, and more importantly, a social responsibility. As a public welfare enthusiast and highly-responsible enterprise, United Lab has organized more than once the employees to make voluntary donation. This time, the campaign is actively responded by United Lab-controlled organizations, and that’s full evidence of the United Lab’s “Broad Love” spirit of making selfless dedication and serving the society.