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“Basic Insulin Clinical Application Forum” was held at Zhuhai

Date:Date:2017-12-26    Browse:3458


The “Summit of Basal Insulin’s Clinical Application” sponsored by Chinese Journal of Diabetes Mellitus was held at Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel on May 13, and presided over by Weng Jianping, editor in chief of Chinese Journal of Diabetes Mellitus, member of the standing committee of Chinese Diabetes Society and vice-president of the Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhu Dalong, executive officer of endocrinology department and head of the medical department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, member of the standing committee of Chinese Diabetes Society and deputy editor in chief of Chinese Journal of Diabetes Mellitus, and Zhou Zhiguang, vice chairman of Chinese Diabetes Society, director of Endocrinology Institute of Central South University and director of Hunan Diabetes Research Center. Over 400 diabetes experts from all over China were also present.

All participants witnessed the ceremony of how the homemade insulin glargine injection -- United Lab USLEN -- comes into the market. United Lab’s board chairman Cai Haishan, vice chairman Liang Yongkang, executive directors Fang Yuping, Zou Xianhong and Zhu Suyan took part in the opening ceremony and the summit.


When delivering a speech, the conference chairman Weng Jianping extended cordial welcome to the arrival of these guests, and shared some understandings and thoughts based on his own experience in this field. He said since the diabetics are increasing sharply every year, there is an urgent need for the specialists to produce better methods and products that help relieve the patients’ pain. And today, this conference bringing everyone together is a very good opportunity for learning from each other.

At the conference, prof. Bao Yuqian, head of the endocrinology and metabolism department of the Sixth Affiliated People’s Hospital to Shanghai Jiaoting University and deputy director of Shanghai Diabetes Clinical Medicine Center, gave a lecture on Reasonable Application of Insulin. She elaborated the type, progression and treatment of diabetes and vividly explained the clinical reasonable application of insulin based on different clinical cases; Zeng Longyi, head of the endocrinology department of the Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, and deputy director of Guangdong Diabetes Control Lab, provided a special explanation on the Chinese Experts’ Suggestions on Clinical Application of Basal Insulin for Adult II Diabetes and shared the suggestions and guideline of the clinical insulin application to different patient groups by analyzing the features and application conditions of the basal insulin preparations; Zhao Tieyun, professor in West China Hospital of Sichuan University, addressed a special lecture on Phase III Clinical Trial Report on United Lab USLEN - Insulin Glargine Injection. She explained in details the experimental data of the clinical test and proved that United Lab USLEN and the original product have the same clinical effect and security. In the last part of the summit, United Lab’s executive director Zhu Suyan made a brief introduction to the company’s five production sites, insulin products and future development trend.


After the conference, all participants had lunch together and continued to exchange experience and discuss academic issues. Chairman Cai said that following USLEN, United Lab is also successful in developing antidiabetic drugs like insulin aspart and insulin detemir, and there will be an increasing number of better antidiabetic drugs to serve the patients.

A number of experts in diabetes made prominent lectures on the summit subject and helped everyone understand better about the clinical application of basal insulin. United Lab, as a national enterprise always insisting on its enterprise philosophy “Love and serve the country”, has the courage to make breakthrough and innovation in defiance of any hardship. The birth of insulin glargine USLEN is the best evidence. A heartfelt wish: USLEN will grow stronger and stronger, and United Lab will become better and better.